Recipe for Ptarmigan (Hard to Find)

via Kahlua Ptarmigan

I am working on the 12 Days of Christmas Feature for my Blog and I thought I would commemorate the long work (begun on December 26th — I am back and behind by a day, unfortunately, so Epiphany itself will receive the actual Turkey whether that is correct or not) — here.  I left the entire story of the extravaganza on my FB page in snippets, but alas, the actual background of it is probably lost in long, encumbered daily posts!  I will tell it another time sometime.  This is all part of my trying to extend winter holidays from September to Easter for the sake of commemorating solstices throughout the year and including more people all the time than those who congregate together in the same worship; the brainchild idea of it all is the feature of Candlemas on February 2nd, for the location of the date after the Epiphany season and before the Lenten season.  My schema is mad and diabolical and also so encumbering, it is very difficult to include briefly anywhere on a short synopsis like here.  But if you are wondering what I have planned for the summer months besides festivals, it is a long 2 to 6 week pilgrimage beginning in July and ending in July or August, just in time to begin the 6 to 7 month extravaganza.  March through June take care of themselves by the very fact of spring and their common usage holidays that everyone usually indulges and enjoys in relation to variable passovers and of course the problem of the Pentecost.  What began this fascination for me was the study of the Holy Grail Legends and the obvious accountability that the worship of the Solstices was a big business for those characters of ante-historical record and with the Solstices the obvious possibility that the mystery of the grail could be sought by variables in the calendar which included an extension of the Pentecostal worship throughout the year into the winter by the rites of church festivals.