Hunan Beef -A Spicy Beef Stir Fry Popular Across the Country

Well, I wasn’t going to promote my obsessive magazine food hobby on this generalistic blog.  I wanted to put the focus on history, antiquities, science fiction articles and other interesting informational kinds of features which relate to librarian kinds of topics.  However, how could I possibly be obsessed with magazine food unless it finally crept its way onto every network I have on the internet.  So I am trying to be discreet.  I chose this recipe, because I thought that I might feature recipes here from time to time from Chinese Diner menu items — this is a fascination of mine in the food industry — Chinese Diner menu items I mean.  So, I am hoping this interruptive feature won’t detract too much from the remainder of the blog which here is, as you can see, very on again off again, because of my food fascination coupled with the fact that I don’t like to share the work I do in researching books that I work on for publication.  And much of whatever I would like to post here otherwise, relates to those things which I otherwise need for that endeavor.  That being, said, I am still going to make an attempt to keep this WordPress blog free of food interruptions, unless they fall into the dogmatic arena of totally doable for a group of interested cataloguing librarians and the data necessary to complete a day in catalog topics related to history, mythology, science or science fiction.  Food is a necessary daily survival icon of measure and so it could easily be considered doable if it can be featured as library material.  So this will be a sometime feature on this website.  And I will make every effort possible to record the FEATURE as such of every post that is to belong to itself, as in “Food Feature for redcrosse10999/wordpress/librarian_intellectuals” or something of the kind.  But for that matter, I also have a disclaimer for this feature that I have just newly begun in January 2018 for no specifically designated schedule of report, but haphazard.  I intend to open a second WordPress, once I decide what name it will be and that will be about food.  I will make every effort to link it to the continued site for history, archeology, geography, science and science fiction here; which as you see, has very few posts over the last 3 years.  I hope to improve this situation soon.


from China Sichuan Food Website /

Hunan Beef ~ A Spicy Beef Stir Fry