A Few WIKIWAND Locations to Add to Your Favorites! ~ The Progress of Italy as a Nation from the Times of the Ancient Empire

A List of Historic States of Italy

History of Italy


Maritime Republics (Italian)

Magna Graecea

Cumae (Italy) ~ City of Sibyl

Tyrrhenian Sea

Thalassocracy ~ The Seas of the Mediterranean & Its People

A Concise Summary of Phoenicia ~ Ancient to Modern


The Rise of the LEVANT After the Destruction of the Phoenician Remnant States

The Roman Empire

Sardinia ~ An Ancient Imperial See Forever Lost at Sea


Nuragic Civilization

Su Nuraxi (Sardinian Prehistory)

Prehistoric Italy

Nuraghe (Before the Republic)

The History of Sardinia ~ the establishment of the prehistoric race of Greco-Roman/Phoenicians to the Continent of Europe by the citadel islands of the Mediterranean

Ancient Rome ~ the determined planned estates of control over the ancient universe from Alexandria to all the clients available