Hyundai i10 & Other Small Cars


In response to my own question, I believe I am looking at this auto here.

I’m not sure now.  By all implications, this car model is not allowed in the US and no one likes it here although the (general) online reviews, searching Google, show it to be a big seller in the United Kingdom.

It looks very nice if this is it and it has no real lacking graces to being an efficient compact car.  For some reason, the US dealership on it, doesn’t see it that way, although the US has so many Hyundai’s.

I guess you could compare it microwaves sold here and in England — if you study online vendors between the two, the manufactures are not similar besides the electrical output differences.  Although, you might still wonder why you wouldn’t want to get an adapter plug and find out why the dissimilarity in manufactures is interesting in the first or second place.

Overall, the standard performance for this model has no effective insurable rating in the US; whereas, it would seem to drive well over the roads in the United Kingdom.  Their roads must be very different.

So I am wondering how it is found in Wisconsin.  Unless maybe I confused it with some other Hyundai.  As compact cars go, it is very stylish and if it is the i10 — I couldn’t find more comparisons — (I’m not interested in researching it further, that would be weird) — the one that I’ve seen has to be the newest model available.  But the LOGO is the same.

Well, my mystery ends there.  I will look out for it again and research it later.

In which case, giving this sort post a second review, it seems rather sorry for itself.  I don’t have a good article link I hope to share on the Hyundai, which isn’t connected to UK car sales and so I to discredited more disillusionment, I didn’t include those reports.

But, I have included some articles on Hatchbacks and Compacts and Sub-Compacts.

Hatchback Rankings | Top 25 | US News

Smart Fortwo

This 2017 Smart ForTwo (cute name too), is my favorite and is ranked #13 of 16 in Sub-Compact Cars and also #22 of 25 in Hatchbacks.  Nice!

Best Compact Cars (10 on List) | Insider Car News

There are none of this list I don’t appreciate; except that I guess I was meaning to focus more on sub-compact cars, which is a terrifying issue to me thinking of road safety.  So I like to see, every year, that safety and guidelines are always sought for in that range.

Let’s focus on an article about sub-compacts.

(After this short interlude.)

Best New Cars Arriving in 2018 | US News

Featured in the slideshow, the Lexus LC and the Ford Mustang, both amazing.

(Now back to the article.)

I’m not really sure what a Sub-Compact Crossover is, but I am suddenly all for it.  Although the article here says it is a smaller model than a regular Crossover and granted, it is a much larger model than a Standard Compact which I hope to show in this post.  (Compacts are so adorable but terror it not adorable.  I will not elaborate.  But I have to.  Compacts aren’t all-terrain vehicles and it’s awful to frame regulations forbidding persons to drive compacts in any road terrain and yet, when you are on the highway, doesn’t the compact traffic enjoy itself to everyone’s concern?  So a larger compact situation might be the thing on the market to imply a need for in-town compact driving.)

Best Sub-Compact Crossovers for 2018 | Insider Car News

There are six listed and I haven’t got a negative thing to note on any of them.  (Generally.)

Best Subcompact Cars of 2018 | Insider Car News

This article is not about Crossover Subcompacts, but just about Subcompacts.  I am still happy to remark that I do not see the Sub-Compact grade I was hoping to whine about.  It remains to be seen as up above in the Smart ForTwo Class Sub-Compact.  I don’t believe a car that size should be allowed out on the Highway.  But fortunately for anyone, I have no influence in the matter, except in polling.  What a nice town car though!




Who needs an iOS 12? There’s more to dream about that standing in a bread line and waiting on a deal. (Sorry.)

VFL Auto Force 1

American Made Super Car! | Bloomberg

VLF Automotive Force One by Fisker (pictured above)


I really have no reason to complain.  I am the owner of a beautiful new ASUS Zenfone Zoom.  It is a wonderful phone and more than really, I could hold myself up for ransom a bit and get a very coveted iPhone 8 Plus sometime this year; but I just don’t have the patience for it.  (Oh most definitely, I could hold myself up for ransom this year and get myself a very coveted iPhone 7 Plus. But I just don’t have the patience for it.)  More than actually, I have to confess, after studying the reviews, I am not fond of the iPhone X.  But I am seriously HOH (head over heals?) on the iPhone 8 Plus.  Honestly, I don’t live the life.  Apple is a bemusing philosophy and way of life; it commands to much attention with its high-polish demand to professionals who cannot break free from school hours.  For me, it should be understand, schools out FOREVER!  And I can’t afford to live for the demands of new generation upgrades.  It bothers me a little too, but I think I’m being obvious.  It is upsetting to me to learn constantly that things, I mean apps, that ordinary people need and can really run with and flourish with, are resigned to the domain of professionals and that there is no concerned research for it.  Maybe there is.  For me, I know that for the most part the iOS 11 world is a fetish; or more than probably it is not.  I compare nowadays, everything that is wrong in the world with the increasing frenzied improvements of the Apple Corporation to what is missing in all scientific progress.  And for that matter I account myself the same as most others, that it’s still a good thing.

But so, why let it bother you, that you can also say, this is a car worth coveting?

Well it is.  There’s probably and iPhone 8 Plus in it too.  (My ASUS will do great though.)

The story of this, since, I’m pretty outspoken about my interest in sports cars generally, remains a little tainted by the fact that I never really explain anywhere that I rarely make it my business to remain up-to-date by any “geek squad” extremes in any pursuit of interest, from cars, to comics, tv shows, to fashion, to trends, to phones (well maybe not phones actually; they are very useful).  But I keep in touch.  So it’s probable, knowing this about me, that I wouldn’t have spotted this sports car yet.  I have heard of it.  But Maserati drivers would probably love it; whereas they say that sports car drivers of other luxury models would not feel intimidated by it.  Oh, Maserati could feel very intimidated by this.  Yes, Ferrari too.

But I forgot my story.  I was looking at my apartment’s parking lot and noticed a new compact sports car that has a symbol on it I recognize and I cannot place it.  I will bet I don’t remember the symbol for Honda.  Well, this is funny.  So I am still looking for it.  And searching for it on the internet, I came up this instead, which was a pleasant enough detour, considering I have spent 3 (or more) weekends studying phones now and omitting my sometimes hobby of studying sports cars online.  If I find that other auto then I will surely post it here in addenda.  (It is really a cute new thing!)

Oh I have nothing but a starried awe on this; rather speechlessly.  This is exactly the design I have been looking for to influence ordinary mid-luxury sports cars generally since I was — do I say it — younger.

I am making an edit note here within the first hour of the original post, which ended up in the prior paragraph at “younger”.  (My speech IS rather influenced these days.  In the first place I am watching repetitive rerun marathons of my favorite sitcoms while I “generally” (if that’s what you mean) do not pay too much attention to them.  And I am being gravely influenced by everyone’s speeches and also I have been reviewing several ancient species of influential kinds of history books, or not even ancient, but old and ABOUT ancient histories and the books about them and THOSE have been influencing me and at this moment in time, and I don’t know for how much longer if not forever, everything now and henceforth as to be described by me, will be known as “generally”; since I feel that this is the quality that is missing in ancient historical analysis — generalities; and this quality could necessarily also spill over into the commercial markets which (generally) control our lives today — like phones and cars and even groceries and international commerce websites — you know; generally.

I have gone off the main track into the shrub track again.  Where I like to walk.

I returned to searching for what has to be a Honda then probably, but I am leaving that mystery for later on in the afternoon; it might not be a Honda, so this may take me too much time.  And then this other sports car model appeared on the page to me.

It is a Rezvani Beast.  And it is also American made.  And I thought this would make an excellent feature partner to the improved citation image of the design of both, which are similar and also that this inclusion would influence readers to believe that the Fisker model is world-class.  But I also believe the Rezvani is that.  This is Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus and BMW Class and that is to say too much to compare that it isn’t worthy and to be feared.

(Maserati eludes tracking in commerce because it is in small demand, is a high performing sports car that won’t compromise to entertain common auto markets and that being the case, is oversight of most people’s dreams; whereas, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW have all entertained ordinary road standards besides protected road standards of driving that high-end sports auto manufacturers swear by.  I’m not actually very in tune with the world of Lexus in higher end sports car manufactures.  I’m pretty sure that this is my mistake and that they are in some engine class with Volvo; which has a separate dynamic range than the other three.  Though I’m not sure what about the mechanical output.  Anyway, is the oath true about the oath that high-end sport car manufacturers have, to put an end to ordinary dreams? Is it an oath?  Actually I am not sure, but it seems to be, so I am saying it.  And, if I can’t, I already did.  Besides and also, the Maserati is manufactured usually in production, or that was the old school, with the “other car” which was and may still be, the FIAT, separating their usage class.)

We were going to feature the Rezvani Beast as the second best of the first found.

Renzavi Beast

Rezvani Beast | 3D Printed

(Both of these articles are 2 and 4 years old respectively of order of appearance on this page.  But still it’s all news to me.  I have been involved in following the Pagani story since 2012.)




Home Robot Friends | Zenbo, Aido & Others

Top 5 Coolest Robots | YouTube Video

Taking a Closer Look at Zenbo | YouTube Video

Top 5 Coolest Robots (Again!) | YouTube Video

Top 5 Coolest Robots (Again! Again!) | YouTube Video

(COZMO Robot the Toy Review) | WALL-E the Movie Character | YouTube Videos

Main site to learn about/pre-order ZENBO ~


Full Introduction Video for ZENBO AT HOME | YouTube Video

Some Press Time with WALL-E (I mean … ) ZENBO | YouTube Video

It’s pretty self-evident from these reviews that ZENBO and his home companion friends are all able to fit in pretty well and not even make himself as useless as a Zumba Vacuum.  It was at one time predicted that a home robot droid couldn’t be better than that — or maybe worse than a Dyson Fan (which is reportedly quite excellent).  But, ZENBO seems to be the best definition of a robotic future for the home or apartment which shows for itself that fitting in is the design objective of this model and his contemporary colleagues, like Aido.

(Martian Shuttle Explorations may never be the same again!  What is these robotos study college textbooks in their spare time and learn how to become astrophysicists?!)

Zenbo Feature Video (in Asian) | YouTube Video

ASUS Zenbo Live Demo (in English) | YouTube Video

Independent Film for Aido (Reviewed Again) | YouTube Video

AIDO Website & Pre-Order Link | YouTube Video

KURI (another Home Robotics Friend) | YouTube Video

KURI on the NBC News | YouTube Video

Pre-Order KURI Home Robot on Hey Kuri Website | YouTube Video


Caraway Cheese Bread & Other Recipes

I’m running low on special interest posts for my redcrosse10999 blog which has been stuck in the mud from the start.  So, since I review recipes online for my part-time hobby when I am not researching other things (that never end up in a post because I consider them point of my own interest), I also have made it over this year to building up two foodie sites with my favorite shares from around the internet.

So I can tell you, I am not running low on special interest posts to find, but there are either too few or two many or they are the kind I don’t want to share because I am still reviewing them for myself and who knows how long that will take.  And besides, I did in fact post the Doctrina Antiqua find from Google Play Books that is on my main page somewhere.  I thought that was just amazing.  How often do you run across a piece of literature like that?  Most calloused sophisticates will tell you “whenever I should feel like it.”  And frankly, that’s witty and useless information.  Most people practically don’t have the time to hunt down Thomas Burnet’s Doctrina Antiqua; you sort of have to hunt for it on purpose.  It is a miraculous find for me, in that sense.  Even though, of course, it has already been found.  And that’s about as special interest as any post may get.  Well, for that matter, if I had thoughts to share on it, they went into a book that I worked on and haven’t published yet and so, having few thoughts on it even there — this is a good thing though because it leaves me with so much to think about for more research — I have nothing else to say about it in a post, “wow, what a find!”  The long way about it has been to say, I’m short with special interest posts.

Whereas, my foodie blogs (reprinted yes; I don’t cook; I seem to have an acute awareness of good recipes and how to pull them together on a page), — are in fact doing quite well.  So I made a mistake before of posting some of what I thought were interesting and difficult to find recipes, which I thought might be constructive content for this site.  Usually, if you read my pages, they are loaded with tacos.  I think that you can’t have enough taco or ground meat recipes in your personal stock, in anyone’s stock.  But I have shown the ability for some discrimination and so I thought my choices for this site might also show some discrimination of cultural accountability concerning recipes.  I hope this isn’t offensive to too many people, meanwhile; in my wildest dreams, I don’t understand it that way; cultural accountability in recipes = bigotry.  There was one group of postings from some earlier day in January 2018 that were reblogged and were not my own and I did not believe I was asking anyone to think that, and I thought they were of some cultural importance as rather difficult to assess for the ordinary cook, but they were an English/Moroccan group of recipes that are nearly impossible to reduplicate, however popularly redone they are these days, that’s true.  I was asked to remove them and so my apologies to whoever may have wanted to see them and to whoever I offended — I have removed them.  Meanwhile, I have lost the Cheddar, Potato & Carraway Buns that I ran beside Eggplant Salads and many other things including the Tuna Tartare.  (And I thought in reblogging them, that they were divinely inspired.  Working with seeds and raw fish and eggplant isn’t easy for everyone)  And you know, food posts here do in fact look a little funny as out of place, though I hope I explained my intention and I DO in fact put silly captions on all my posts and I don’t in fact mean anything by that but as anything but a few words to present a post.

So in relation to all this disexclamation and assumption on my part, I thought I would go to some corporate food sites and be assuming with them under more appropriate terms of open shares; and therefore try to bring back the Cheddar Caraway Bread and Tuna Tartare and Eggplant Salad tastes, which were the point of those reblogs anyway, being grantedly otherwise ignorant for a way to do it myself.  (Let me see, eggplants, tomatoes, onions, celery, mayonaisse, potatoes, raw tuna, more onions, rice vinegar, rice, what else — carraway seeds, right.  Alright! We are done now.)   As for that I might do something original — well, okay, that was rather cruel.  But thanks for the criticism.  May I ask that I do not hear the criticism again if that’s okay, since I have no more connection to the incident as I understand it? (If I was not asked to remove those posts, then that is all some news to me; I consider the matter closed. But thanks; I WILL tell you why — this gives me the opportunity to turn off my comments.  And I will surely; surely.)

Next order of business.  I don’t want this to reflect on the other group of posts which were all about Arctic based cuisine.  I did not in fact delete those, except that I am thinking of deleting them.  Food on this site doesn’t like right and actually the idea of cultural based food is maybe something I rather avoid in a community of other bloggers when I’m not a cook.  So, for the record, I thought that was rather cultural and interesting and useful all at the same time as well and I was thinking of featuring something like that again with whoever I could find to do it with, but maybe not then.

In the meanwhile, I seriously regret this post.  It’s a rude awakening to me to be in a reblog community with the reblog button allowance attached but I intended to amend my mistake and move on.  I hope to consider to be doing that with the following posts, since I can’t say that I didn’t promise some tuna tartare.  That’s at the bottom.  The rest is for the interest values of food.  Finally, since I have recently gotten some severe criticism (I also get some ludicrously good criticism, but okay — about my handling of vegetables and being an authority about it.  For the last time, I am not — I thought I would feature some vegetables then, since I like them very much.  Good things ahead!  Great, let’s all have a great day, I hope!)


Caraway Cheese Bread | Taste of Home

Grilled Mediterranean Eggplant & Tomato Salad | Taste of Home

Easy Vegetarian Recipes with 5 Ingredients | Taste of Home


Pesto, Pasta & Potato Salad

Vegan Recipes Even Meatlovers Will Love | Taste of Home


Thyme Sea Salt Crackers

The Reasons to Get Behind Meatless Mondays | Taste of Home


Rustic Summer Vegetable Pasta

Recipes from Across the Country | Taste of Home


Cioppino-Style Soup

Junk Food Recipes Authentic & Classic in Style | Taste of Home


Spaghetti & Meatballs

(Another Disclaimer; I have no way to say how ridiculous it should seem to some of any of my followers that I might agree to the idea that Spaghetti & Meatballs counts for Junk Food.  But in the case of Junk Food meaning just a name then, it doesn’t bother me.)

Soup & Sandwich Recipes | Taste of Home


Chunky Beef Vegetable Soup

Tuna Tartare (no picture available) | Epicurious

Cashew (Thai) Chopped Salad with Ginger Peanut Sauce | The Recipe Critic

I thought a salad would be a good addition to Tartare.


Vegetarian Pad Thai with Cashews & Peanuts | Food & Wine

Cavatelli (Pasta) with Tuna & Broccoli | Food & Wine

So there is one realistic criticism I can relate to.  I make no offer of alcohol at the menu site of my posts.  Well, in that case, I think I will be very unfair and say, “So I do not… (Bite me!)”  I hope we can still be friends.



Phone Comparisons | iPhone X to Others

Oukitel in an iPhone X comparison | The Verge

YouTube | Oukitel U18 First Hands On | The Verge

ASUS Zenfone V | TechRadar

This one is not on the top of the list of picks by anyone, although I have put it on the top of my list, because it shows up to be a healthy, reliable, stylish and useful phone, so I have decided to begin with it, also because, ASUS has a longish line of Zenfone’s which are hugely fun, reliable and stylish at a decent price.  They can be found anywhere from Ali Express to Amazon, to eBay at a good price in variable conditions, features and $’s.  (Also, Zenfone’s and ASUS phones generally, that run Android of different versions, are not all bound up by Verizon, but also T-Mobile, open networks & AT&T.)

Xiaomi MI Mix2 | @ mi site

I am showing this phone out of all the other Xiaomi picks and there are more than a few, because it seems to be the most popular in sales.  I might be wrong.  I haven’t thoroughly researched any of this post; however, by noticing products to the suggested purchasing sites (Ali Express, Amazon, eBay), I have seen a great deal of competition for the iPhone X in the vein of the first article above.  This version of Xiaomi, to me, shows the best.

Xiaomi mi MIX2 | YouTube | Unbox Therapy

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 64GB ROM 4G Phablet | Gear Best

This is also a very nice version (of a Xiaomi phone).  Maybe not as slick.  Probably as excellent or more.

Huawei | Huawei

There isn’t a Huawei you could apparently go wrong with.  This links to their website.

Blackview S8 4G Phablet | YouTube | Gear Best

Elephone S8 | YouTube | Unbox Therapy

Well I should include a quick ad for Apple, since, that’s who began this discussion.  Then we’ll go back to looking at more viable competitors, easily to purchase online.

iPhone X | YouTube | Apple

WHAT?! | YouTube | NPC | iPHONE XI iOS 12 ~ !!!!!!

iPAD PRO X (2018)| YouTube | NPC

Now for some more phones not by Apple and very competitive.

HTC O New 2018 | YouTube | Multi Tech Media

HTC 12 (2018) First Look | YouTube | Multi Media Tech

iPhone X vs HTC U11 Speed Test & Camera Comparison! | YouTube | Phone Battles

Another little article to keep our excitement rating going:

Best Chinese Android Phones | Android Authority | December 2017 review

Top 10 Most Popular Smartphones in China in 2017 | What’s On Weibo | November 2017


The only problem with buying directly from a Chinese open market, that you can’t check through a site like Ali Express US, Amazon or eBay US, is that the phone may not be marketed entirely for foreign sales and it will be useless trying to program it from Chinese, since the English keyboard option may only kick in  from time to time.  However, where the trademark is made for export to the US and English speaking communities, the keyboard will respond, whether it was manufactured in China or not.

Best Chinese Android Smartphones | Android Pit | autumn 2017

Here we can confirm that the Huawei (which makes the extremely popular Honor), is by far the most popular and successful smartphone from China within the last 6 months.

Best Phones for 2018 | CNET

This list will include many that haven’t been featured yet on my post and for the most part, I have avoided posting on Samsung because of it’s greatest dominance over any other phone comparing the iPhone generations.  Nokia has made some great improvements in its modernized smartphone technology introducing newer models into the avant garde of future tech beside the other competitors of iPhone, something it hadn’t been doing at the inception of the race of smartphones.  But I have also not featured Nokia here.  I haven’t nearly included as many phones from China as will turn up to any of the noted vendor sites (again, Ali Express, Amazon, eBay), however on this short list and technically, though HTC is an excellent iPhone competitor, it is not Chinese per se and should not have been included whereas I have included that these comparisons should be from China for the most part.  But that’s “for the most part” and HTC is my favorite phone line besides my new favorite of ASUS.  This is entirely born of fetish and convenience of all accounts to my opinion.  I think both product lines compare the best to the competition of iPhone and Samsung’s leads.

So maybe we should stop here since I have also haphazardly omitted LG and its excellence in telephone manufactures.  (And Google Pixel.  Anyone else?  Why yes, everyone else.  This is a very finite list.)

So, one more confirmation of our findings, here.

Best Smartphones (2018) | T3 | January 2018