Phone Comparisons | iPhone X to Others

Oukitel in an iPhone X comparison | The Verge

YouTube | Oukitel U18 First Hands On | The Verge

ASUS Zenfone V | TechRadar

This one is not on the top of the list of picks by anyone, although I have put it on the top of my list, because it shows up to be a healthy, reliable, stylish and useful phone, so I have decided to begin with it, also because, ASUS has a longish line of Zenfone’s which are hugely fun, reliable and stylish at a decent price.  They can be found anywhere from Ali Express to Amazon, to eBay at a good price in variable conditions, features and $’s.  (Also, Zenfone’s and ASUS phones generally, that run Android of different versions, are not all bound up by Verizon, but also T-Mobile, open networks & AT&T.)

Xiaomi MI Mix2 | @ mi site

I am showing this phone out of all the other Xiaomi picks and there are more than a few, because it seems to be the most popular in sales.  I might be wrong.  I haven’t thoroughly researched any of this post; however, by noticing products to the suggested purchasing sites (Ali Express, Amazon, eBay), I have seen a great deal of competition for the iPhone X in the vein of the first article above.  This version of Xiaomi, to me, shows the best.

Xiaomi mi MIX2 | YouTube | Unbox Therapy

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 64GB ROM 4G Phablet | Gear Best

This is also a very nice version (of a Xiaomi phone).  Maybe not as slick.  Probably as excellent or more.

Huawei | Huawei

There isn’t a Huawei you could apparently go wrong with.  This links to their website.

Blackview S8 4G Phablet | YouTube | Gear Best

Elephone S8 | YouTube | Unbox Therapy

Well I should include a quick ad for Apple, since, that’s who began this discussion.  Then we’ll go back to looking at more viable competitors, easily to purchase online.

iPhone X | YouTube | Apple

WHAT?! | YouTube | NPC | iPHONE XI iOS 12 ~ !!!!!!

iPAD PRO X (2018)| YouTube | NPC

Now for some more phones not by Apple and very competitive.

HTC O New 2018 | YouTube | Multi Tech Media

HTC 12 (2018) First Look | YouTube | Multi Media Tech

iPhone X vs HTC U11 Speed Test & Camera Comparison! | YouTube | Phone Battles

Another little article to keep our excitement rating going:

Best Chinese Android Phones | Android Authority | December 2017 review

Top 10 Most Popular Smartphones in China in 2017 | What’s On Weibo | November 2017


The only problem with buying directly from a Chinese open market, that you can’t check through a site like Ali Express US, Amazon or eBay US, is that the phone may not be marketed entirely for foreign sales and it will be useless trying to program it from Chinese, since the English keyboard option may only kick in  from time to time.  However, where the trademark is made for export to the US and English speaking communities, the keyboard will respond, whether it was manufactured in China or not.

Best Chinese Android Smartphones | Android Pit | autumn 2017

Here we can confirm that the Huawei (which makes the extremely popular Honor), is by far the most popular and successful smartphone from China within the last 6 months.

Best Phones for 2018 | CNET

This list will include many that haven’t been featured yet on my post and for the most part, I have avoided posting on Samsung because of it’s greatest dominance over any other phone comparing the iPhone generations.  Nokia has made some great improvements in its modernized smartphone technology introducing newer models into the avant garde of future tech beside the other competitors of iPhone, something it hadn’t been doing at the inception of the race of smartphones.  But I have also not featured Nokia here.  I haven’t nearly included as many phones from China as will turn up to any of the noted vendor sites (again, Ali Express, Amazon, eBay), however on this short list and technically, though HTC is an excellent iPhone competitor, it is not Chinese per se and should not have been included whereas I have included that these comparisons should be from China for the most part.  But that’s “for the most part” and HTC is my favorite phone line besides my new favorite of ASUS.  This is entirely born of fetish and convenience of all accounts to my opinion.  I think both product lines compare the best to the competition of iPhone and Samsung’s leads.

So maybe we should stop here since I have also haphazardly omitted LG and its excellence in telephone manufactures.  (And Google Pixel.  Anyone else?  Why yes, everyone else.  This is a very finite list.)

So, one more confirmation of our findings, here.

Best Smartphones (2018) | T3 | January 2018


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