Home Robot Friends | Zenbo, Aido & Others

Top 5 Coolest Robots | YouTube Video

Taking a Closer Look at Zenbo | YouTube Video

Top 5 Coolest Robots (Again!) | YouTube Video

Top 5 Coolest Robots (Again! Again!) | YouTube Video

(COZMO Robot the Toy Review) | WALL-E the Movie Character | YouTube Videos

Main site to learn about/pre-order ZENBO ~


Full Introduction Video for ZENBO AT HOME | YouTube Video

Some Press Time with WALL-E (I mean … ) ZENBO | YouTube Video

It’s pretty self-evident from these reviews that ZENBO and his home companion friends are all able to fit in pretty well and not even make himself as useless as a Zumba Vacuum.  It was at one time predicted that a home robot droid couldn’t be better than that — or maybe worse than a Dyson Fan (which is reportedly quite excellent).  But, ZENBO seems to be the best definition of a robotic future for the home or apartment which shows for itself that fitting in is the design objective of this model and his contemporary colleagues, like Aido.

(Martian Shuttle Explorations may never be the same again!  What is these robotos study college textbooks in their spare time and learn how to become astrophysicists?!)

Zenbo Feature Video (in Asian) | YouTube Video

ASUS Zenbo Live Demo (in English) | YouTube Video

Independent Film for Aido (Reviewed Again) | YouTube Video

AIDO Website & Pre-Order Link | YouTube Video

KURI (another Home Robotics Friend) | YouTube Video

KURI on the NBC News | YouTube Video

Pre-Order KURI Home Robot on Hey Kuri Website | YouTube Video


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