Who needs an iOS 12? There’s more to dream about that standing in a bread line and waiting on a deal. (Sorry.)

VFL Auto Force 1

American Made Super Car! | Bloomberg

VLF Automotive Force One by Fisker (pictured above)


I really have no reason to complain.  I am the owner of a beautiful new ASUS Zenfone Zoom.  It is a wonderful phone and more than really, I could hold myself up for ransom a bit and get a very coveted iPhone 8 Plus sometime this year; but I just don’t have the patience for it.  (Oh most definitely, I could hold myself up for ransom this year and get myself a very coveted iPhone 7 Plus. But I just don’t have the patience for it.)  More than actually, I have to confess, after studying the reviews, I am not fond of the iPhone X.  But I am seriously HOH (head over heals?) on the iPhone 8 Plus.  Honestly, I don’t live the life.  Apple is a bemusing philosophy and way of life; it commands to much attention with its high-polish demand to professionals who cannot break free from school hours.  For me, it should be understand, schools out FOREVER!  And I can’t afford to live for the demands of new generation upgrades.  It bothers me a little too, but I think I’m being obvious.  It is upsetting to me to learn constantly that things, I mean apps, that ordinary people need and can really run with and flourish with, are resigned to the domain of professionals and that there is no concerned research for it.  Maybe there is.  For me, I know that for the most part the iOS 11 world is a fetish; or more than probably it is not.  I compare nowadays, everything that is wrong in the world with the increasing frenzied improvements of the Apple Corporation to what is missing in all scientific progress.  And for that matter I account myself the same as most others, that it’s still a good thing.

But so, why let it bother you, that you can also say, this is a car worth coveting?

Well it is.  There’s probably and iPhone 8 Plus in it too.  (My ASUS will do great though.)

The story of this, since, I’m pretty outspoken about my interest in sports cars generally, remains a little tainted by the fact that I never really explain anywhere that I rarely make it my business to remain up-to-date by any “geek squad” extremes in any pursuit of interest, from cars, to comics, tv shows, to fashion, to trends, to phones (well maybe not phones actually; they are very useful).  But I keep in touch.  So it’s probable, knowing this about me, that I wouldn’t have spotted this sports car yet.  I have heard of it.  But Maserati drivers would probably love it; whereas they say that sports car drivers of other luxury models would not feel intimidated by it.  Oh, Maserati could feel very intimidated by this.  Yes, Ferrari too.

But I forgot my story.  I was looking at my apartment’s parking lot and noticed a new compact sports car that has a symbol on it I recognize and I cannot place it.  I will bet I don’t remember the symbol for Honda.  Well, this is funny.  So I am still looking for it.  And searching for it on the internet, I came up this instead, which was a pleasant enough detour, considering I have spent 3 (or more) weekends studying phones now and omitting my sometimes hobby of studying sports cars online.  If I find that other auto then I will surely post it here in addenda.  (It is really a cute new thing!)

Oh I have nothing but a starried awe on this; rather speechlessly.  This is exactly the design I have been looking for to influence ordinary mid-luxury sports cars generally since I was — do I say it — younger.

I am making an edit note here within the first hour of the original post, which ended up in the prior paragraph at “younger”.  (My speech IS rather influenced these days.  In the first place I am watching repetitive rerun marathons of my favorite sitcoms while I “generally” (if that’s what you mean) do not pay too much attention to them.  And I am being gravely influenced by everyone’s speeches and also I have been reviewing several ancient species of influential kinds of history books, or not even ancient, but old and ABOUT ancient histories and the books about them and THOSE have been influencing me and at this moment in time, and I don’t know for how much longer if not forever, everything now and henceforth as to be described by me, will be known as “generally”; since I feel that this is the quality that is missing in ancient historical analysis — generalities; and this quality could necessarily also spill over into the commercial markets which (generally) control our lives today — like phones and cars and even groceries and international commerce websites — you know; generally.

I have gone off the main track into the shrub track again.  Where I like to walk.

I returned to searching for what has to be a Honda then probably, but I am leaving that mystery for later on in the afternoon; it might not be a Honda, so this may take me too much time.  And then this other sports car model appeared on the page to me.

It is a Rezvani Beast.  And it is also American made.  And I thought this would make an excellent feature partner to the improved citation image of the design of both, which are similar and also that this inclusion would influence readers to believe that the Fisker model is world-class.  But I also believe the Rezvani is that.  This is Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus and BMW Class and that is to say too much to compare that it isn’t worthy and to be feared.

(Maserati eludes tracking in commerce because it is in small demand, is a high performing sports car that won’t compromise to entertain common auto markets and that being the case, is oversight of most people’s dreams; whereas, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW have all entertained ordinary road standards besides protected road standards of driving that high-end sports auto manufacturers swear by.  I’m not actually very in tune with the world of Lexus in higher end sports car manufactures.  I’m pretty sure that this is my mistake and that they are in some engine class with Volvo; which has a separate dynamic range than the other three.  Though I’m not sure what about the mechanical output.  Anyway, is the oath true about the oath that high-end sport car manufacturers have, to put an end to ordinary dreams? Is it an oath?  Actually I am not sure, but it seems to be, so I am saying it.  And, if I can’t, I already did.  Besides and also, the Maserati is manufactured usually in production, or that was the old school, with the “other car” which was and may still be, the FIAT, separating their usage class.)

We were going to feature the Rezvani Beast as the second best of the first found.

Renzavi Beast

Rezvani Beast | 3D Printed

(Both of these articles are 2 and 4 years old respectively of order of appearance on this page.  But still it’s all news to me.  I have been involved in following the Pagani story since 2012.)




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