garlic and tarragon shrimp, steamed salmon with polenta and brussel sprouts

I think polenta log is the same as polenta roll & Walmart surely has it or you can easily search for it online: “polenta log”.

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Sundays nights in Florida aren’t typically nights you can enjoy long walks, holding hands with your partner, thinking about the week to come… It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s a problem. Sometimes though, we get a break from all that and even better still, it lasts for weeks. Just long enough to forget about running away to a more nurturing climate. The night I made this dish was one of those nights and I knew, I could be a little more decadent in my meal planning as a nice walk was still to come.

Shrimp is such a versatile protein. I have really taken an effort finding the perfect seasonings that work without fail, every single time. I think polenta is underutilized as a side dish. Most people who eat polenta get the boxed kind you need to add water to and stir and stir when it comes to a boil…

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Crispy Fried Chicken / Fried Chicken Recipe / KFC Style Chicken Recipe

Peri Peri Mix is available on; see this link for an example.

At My Kitchen

Learn how to make perfect Fried Chicken with crunchy and crispy outside and moist, juicy meat on the inside. Chicken drumsticks dipped in mildly spiced flour batter, then coated in dry flour and deep fried to crispy golden beauties.

This crispy fried chicken drumstick is everyone’s favourite including my family and very often I make it at home. My son’s all time love is fried chicken and my hubby loves it too. It is a perfect snacks for kids and also serves as a perfect starters for any special occasions at home.

It is so crisp and crunchy from outside and soft, succulent from inside. Do make it at home for your loved ones and surprise them, and I am sure it won’t disappoint you. What better way to enjoy this delicious finger-licking good and restaurant style fried chicken at the comfort of your home 😜

Crispy fried chicken is…

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My Mother’s Aubergine/Eggplant Sandwich

You know I’d cook bacon in the microwave and chip it to bits and put it onto the mozzarella. Well, maybe nobody knew that before. So I said it.

Frascati Cooking That's Amore

Since I wrote about my mother-in-law’s recipe with aubergines, I think it might be a good idea to also include one of my own mother’s aubergine recipes.  This is not about rivalry between mothers-in-law but, rather, about variety being the spice of life.


Aubergine/eggplant, flour, egg, oil for frying (groundnut oil), mozzarella, anchovy

Start by turning the oven on.  Isn’t it weird how so many summer dishes actually entail having to deal with a hot oven? Sigh.


Flour on the left, beaten eggs on the right.  You might even add a little water to the beaten egg.  I had to water down my egg wash once because I didn’t have enough eggs to hand and everything worked out just fine.

2Slice the aubergine into rounds.

3Flour them on both sides and then dip them in the egg wash.

4Fry them on both sides.

5Pat the top of the fried…

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Bacon, Egg & Cheese Crepes

Here is the link again for Alton Brown’s basic crepe ~

Red, White, and Bluebonnets

7I’ve never been a big breakfast person, but my husband loves beginning the day with a full southern breakfast (think bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, hashbrowns and hot, black coffee. Oh, and a stack of pancakes never hurts, either!

In an effort to change up the routine, I made these breakfast crepes one morning, and they became an instant favorite!

Nothing fancy here, but oh….so….good.

Start with Alton Brown’s basic crepe recipe and add his suggested1 tsp of pure vanilla extract to the batter. It makes about six 8-inch crepes.

If you’ve never made crepes, try to avoid putting too much batter into the pan.  It just takes about 1/4 cup of batter to make the perfect light crepe in an 8″ pan.


After a minute, lift one edge of the crepe to see if it releases easily and has begun to brown lightly.


Then, use your fingers or a large rubber…

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Potato Types and Varieties | Types of Potatoes and Uses

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

You either love potatoes or you hate them, there?s nothing in the middle & those amongst us who say they hate them, are probably lying anyway. How do you hate a potato? Not possible. Mashed, creamed, whole & dripping with butter or generously drizzled with olive oil and lashings of lemon juice & salt, fried, spiced, turned into pancakes, rsti or crisps ? the humble tuber finds itself near the top of my list of favorite comfort foods. But where did they come from and are they really so terribly bad for us? No. They?re not unhealthy, on the contrary, they?re very good for us.

The potato (solanum tuberosum) belongs to the nightshade family and they?re the world?s fourth largest food crop and the one we eat today apparently originated in southern Peru but recent studies suggest that there?s a link to theChilo Archipelago where it was…

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Pasta Ncasciata: A Sicilian Medley of Marvellous Mixture

Divine meatballs, not to be missed!

Frascati Cooking That's Amore

I do not know whether you’ve come across cookbook author Diane Darrow or her food blog “Another Year in Recipes”? Well, I think she is fab – I like her hands-on approach and expertise in the kitchen, her take on matters culinary and wry wit.  In the depths of darkest Winter when even here in Rome it got cold and snowed this year, I became entirely fascinated by her recipe for a Sicilian pasta bake called “pasta ncasciata”, which I subsequently found out hails from Messina.


Diane has written not one but two blogs on this recipe which was inspired by her reading of Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano series, the Sicilian sleuth who lives for his food (well, not just his food, but you know what I mean).  I am a great fan of Montalbano too, only I watched the TV series and haven’t got around to reading any of the…

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