Crispy Fried Chicken / Fried Chicken Recipe / KFC Style Chicken Recipe

Peri Peri Mix is available on; see this link for an example.

At My Kitchen

Learn how to make perfect Fried Chicken with crunchy and crispy outside and moist, juicy meat on the inside. Chicken drumsticks dipped in mildly spiced flour batter, then coated in dry flour and deep fried to crispy golden beauties.

This crispy fried chicken drumstick is everyone’s favourite including my family and very often I make it at home. My son’s all time love is fried chicken and my hubby loves it too. It is a perfect snacks for kids and also serves as a perfect starters for any special occasions at home.

It is so crisp and crunchy from outside and soft, succulent from inside. Do make it at home for your loved ones and surprise them, and I am sure it won’t disappoint you. What better way to enjoy this delicious finger-licking good and restaurant style fried chicken at the comfort of your home 😜

Crispy fried chicken is…

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