garlic and tarragon shrimp, steamed salmon with polenta and brussel sprouts

I think polenta log is the same as polenta roll & Walmart surely has it or you can easily search for it online: “polenta log”.

live a curated life

Sundays nights in Florida aren’t typically nights you can enjoy long walks, holding hands with your partner, thinking about the week to come… It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s a problem. Sometimes though, we get a break from all that and even better still, it lasts for weeks. Just long enough to forget about running away to a more nurturing climate. The night I made this dish was one of those nights and I knew, I could be a little more decadent in my meal planning as a nice walk was still to come.

Shrimp is such a versatile protein. I have really taken an effort finding the perfect seasonings that work without fail, every single time. I think polenta is underutilized as a side dish. Most people who eat polenta get the boxed kind you need to add water to and stir and stir when it comes to a boil…

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