Fried Egg Sandwich

This looks so delicious. Egg sandwiches ARE NOT all alike!

Brielle's Avalon

Generally a breakfast item, but yummy any time of day…or night.All ingredients are optional, including the egg and many more can be added.

IMG_20190908_134228 Toast 2 slices of bread.

IMG_20190908_134440 Spread with mayonnaise or 100 Island dressing, or ranch or butter and/or the condiment of your choice. Mustard is a traditional choice, but catsup, salsa, piccalilli, chutney, sweet and sour sauce or even BBQ sauce can make this an adventure.

IMG_20190908_134559 Lay strips of cooked bacon on the slathered-up bread. Ham or other lunch meat can be substituted if you like.

IMG_20190908_135316 Add cheese. I usually use American cheese, but this time I had provolone. Swiss is good, too, or you could try muenster or anything your little cheesy heart desires. You don’t have to put it under the broiler to melt, but I did so this picture came from after the egg was done. You’ll notice lettuce under the egg. It’s a nice…

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