Lamb Cashew Curry

You can follow this link for a few words on meat masala.


So, finally I have a lamb/mutton recipe out on the website! Many people, have this confusion over the difference between lamb and mutton. Well, both are basically the same animal i.e sheep but in different stages of life. A sheep older than one year is generally called mutton and the sheep less than a year old is called lamb. Pretty simple eh? Growing up, mutton used to be made occasionally, either in a curry or a biriyani. This is a great, rich curry to serve to your loved ones. I have used Indian spices and flavors with this recipe. Fresh lamb/mutton should be used as it helps in the overall taste of the curry. I have baked the lamb pieces before simmering it in the curry. This helps in ensuring that the lamb is tender and soft. The onions and cashew nuts help in providing the thickness of the gravy…

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