Blueberry Tart with No-Roll Butter Crust

The New Vintage Kitchen

This is an easy tart to make, and the brown butter crust makes it just a little different, easy because the crust is press-in, no rolling!

One of my fondest memories growing up in rural New England was the annual trek with my mother and grandmother to an old abandoned farm a few roads away from ours. You had to know there was treasure to be had there because it didn’t look like much from the road. But we knew the way in, overgrown as it was, and the battle with the weeds and brambles was worth it because our reward was a endless expanse of blueberry bushes, at least it seemed like it to my child eyes.

And guarding the blueberries…

There was one problem –– the patch was also filled with black snakes, so we were continually on the lookout. They never really posed a problem, but even…

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