Honey buttermilk biscuits

I would definitely include this recipe on my banquet menu list so it will be on the final recap; above this should be herb butter crescent rolls. Still just free-forming it and filling it in here and there.


My grandmother used to cook me 2 biscuits everyday before school. They weren’t always great, but they were good. Lately I’ve been missing those biscuits, so I tried to wip up a batch of my own. They were hard, flavorless and inedible.

I didn’t give up though. Everyone always says how hard it is to make good biscuits. It’s pretty reasonable to assume they are right. I mean, canned biscuits have to be popular for a reason…right?

Well yes and no. This is pure speculation, but I think canned biscuits are popular because biscuits are messy and people can’t be bothered to learn.

I’ve been pursuing the perfect, home-made, flakey, savory biscuits for a few months now, and I think I’ve got it. Today, at breakfast, I created a batch of biscuits my grandmother would have been proud of.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, good for you, now…

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