The First Chicken

Wow! (I’m sorry this gets embedded in probably science fantasy and auto news, but all the same, my primary blog is for keeping things that should be extremely well-kept. (I guess I sometimes forget to share those things as I find them daily, or that often I do, but all the same, I try to remember this blog time to time to put extra-special things on them.) This seems extra-special to me. I hope it does to others.

10 Chickens to Maine

#RecipeUpTop (details to follow):


  • 1 Chicken;
  • Salt (to taste);
  • Black pepper (to taste);
  • Root vegetables (optional);
  • Brown sugar (optional);

Method: Spatchcock and brine your chicken as follows: if overnight, a 6% brine. If cooking same day, a 10% brine. Rinse and dry chicken, season with salt and pepper, and roast at 475F for forty (40) minutes, or until a probe thermometer registers 165F internal temp throughout the bird. Optional: add root veg of choice to the roasting pan before cooking. Allow to rest at least ten (10) minutes, then carve and serve.

The Details

This is the First Chicken not only because it’s the first time we’ve made anything with chicken on a site named after the things, but also because this is kind of where it all started for me (but that’s a long story).

The only seasonings in this recipe are salt and black pepper (and some…

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