Whole Oat Flour and the Zen of Staples

10 Chickens to Maine

There are a few small things in my life that bring me a goofy amount of satisfaction: a well-stacked woodpile; extra-sharp kitchen knives fresh off the whetstones; and an organized pantry full of basic ingredients. In my youth, my family operated on a use-it-up policy that dictated we not buy a new bottle of ketchup until the existing bottle was completely gone. As a result, we were constantly out of everything, a fact which usually revealed itself mid-recipe.

My philosophy is a little different: I want to make sure I have the basic building blocks for the widest range of applications possible. As a result, my shopping cart usually looks like I’m about to head out on the Oregon Trail, but there’s a reason these things are called “staples.”

I keep big cambro containers of the following: All-Purpose (AP) flour; Bread Flour; Coarse Corn Meal; Whole Oats; Masa Harina; White…

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