Whole Oat Sandwich Bread

10 Chickens to Maine

#RecipeUpTop (details to follow):


  • 350 grams bread flour;
  • 350 grams water;
  • 150 grams whole oat flour;
  • 50 grams molasses (or honey, if preferred);
  • 50 grams vegetable oil;
  • 10 grams salt;
  • 5 grams yeast;
  • 1 egg (for wash) (optional);
  • Loose whole oats (for topping) (optional);

Method: In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients until well-incorporated. Turn out the dough onto a heavily floured work surface and knead until the stickiness subsides. Return to bowl and let rise until doubled in size, approximately 2-3 hours. Shape into a loaf, and move to a loaf pan. Allow to proof until dough passes the finger-dent test. Brush with egg wash, top with oats, and score. Bake at 375F for one hour. Allow to cool completely before cutting.

The Details

This is a recipe I developed after tinkering around with my oat flour for a bit. I’d been making all the bread…

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