Kitchen Sink Pasta

This was absolutely so wonderful of a recipe to me. I thought everyone in the world should have it in their recipe box. I thought the photograph was beautiful and so was all the advice. (Although very hot food is not something I can enjoy, I think just cayenne pepper with cumin and chili powder and tarragon will make it hot enough to make a sauce season mix)!

Sassy, Broke & Hungry

Hi henny. How’s quarantine treating you? Have you run out of fun activities to do? Have you lost your shit yet? Me too. Crying into my cat’s fur on a daily basis.

These are strange days we’re in. And strange days call for strange recipes. The name for this dish comes from the saying “everything but the kitchen sink.” Essentially, it’s what I had left over in my fridge on day 10 of my groceries. This recipe is made for swaps. Throw in beef, pork, mushrooms, onions, your hopes and dreams. They’ll cook up nicely.

This pasta shouldn’t be good. But it’s so freakin’ good. It’s spicy, smoky, cheesy & creamy. I ate two entire bowls last night and had to work out for an hour today to make up for it. #worthit

P.S. I know the photo is ugly. I’M SORRY, I JUST WANTED TO EAT IT.

Ingredients (serves…

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