Huauzontle Patties – Tortitas de huauzontle

My Slice of Mexico

Printable recipe: Huauzontle Patties

I had a small bunch of huauzontle(Chenopodium nuttalliae) seed heads, leaves and tender branches from my backyard crop:

001 huauzontle seed heads with tender branches and leaves

As I mentioned in my previous post, these are very small compared to the huauzontle branches sold at Mexican markets:


However, they are still edible, and I did not want to waste them on their debut year in my garden bed.  They also have the advantage of having branch stems tender enough to be edible as well, whereas the ones pictured above would have to be either removed in the kitchen while cooking, or at the table, while being eaten, similarly to eating a whole fish with bones.  The leaves are also removed, as seen in the photo above, but since my huauzontle seed heads are so small, I left the edible leaves on, as well.

Although there are some companies in the USA specializing in…

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