Mushrooms With Spaghetti

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

B7906A43-E59E-48D1-8644-FF4686960082703A1B54-F259-4658-A382-EA2B8339C9A8I could eat mushrooms with just about every meal, but my wife doesn’t like them as much as I do. Since I was kicked out of the kitchen today because my wife made cinnamon buns, which are great, it was spaghetti for supper. Mushrooms I had in the fridge became part of my supper. My wife didn’t want them in the meat sauce so I cooked them separately and had them on top of my spaghetti. As it turned out I actually liked it better than having them in the sauce, they retained more of the mushrooms taste. I always sprinkle my spaghetti with olive oil so it seemed like a good idea to use a fair bit of olive oil to cook the mushrooms. Garlic is a big part of how I cook and it goes well with mushrooms and I used lots. Sometimes just trying something because you…

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