Tuscan Steak

Cooking Conveniently and with Purpose #LPBcooks


There are endless options for preparing and cooking steaks.   It can be a daunting task to figure it all out so you have a meal that fits the event.

A beef purest will tell you to just get a great cut, bring to room temperature, season and grill it.  Agreed.  However, I sometimes like to switch it up and add a punch.  When its a casual BBQ I always turn to Marinated Skirt Steak and for more formal dinners, I favor my own version of a the traditional Tuscan steak preperation.

The old school way is season (rosemary, thyme, garlic, olive oil and grille a big porterhouse steak, drizzle some olive oil. Then slice and and put it all back together around the bone and serve it on one platter.  That’s great if you are having four people for dinner.  Since our dinners are usually ten to twenty people…

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