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ARTICLE (1) posted 10-06-2017


Article re-direct from Asia Society online blog;

Many people believe that China has no future in globalizing its economy to parallel free enterprise initiatives better known to Western countries.  But on the contrary, China’s communist economy is a globalization process of free enterprise with investing.

China’s Economy

Article (2) posted 01-21-2018

Maserati Previews 2018 Ghibli Large Premium Sedan in Frankfurt | JD Power (Sept. 13, 2017)

This is possibly some valuable global competition for the Jaguar International Market.

(Let’s find out.  Shall we?)


News for 2018 Jaguar Reviews | JD Power (October 12, 2017)

The New Pace SUV Jaguar 2018.  A conventional form of transport introduced way ahead of what the Italian sports car giant might believe would be a competitive move for getting into global marketing for ordinary-end user sales in the sports/race car model industry.  The fact that Maserati was ever able to openly think in terms of its label in the form of sedan transportation begins a mystery of the giant car maker’s unilateral decision to never expand its marketability against Fiat’s lagging prospect at sedan sales (Chysler) in the prior Italian common market giant.  However, just even such a move by Maserati begins to introduce the ideal that Jaguar, who has been at the market user-end sports car trade for much longer since retiring its heralds against both Porsche and Maserati by and large in Italian competitive markets, could feasibly see a luxury sports car/sedan option race worth struggling with in Maserati, that doesn’t involve extra competition from designers like Fiat (Chrysler) or Cooper (Independent).


Pagani Huayra | TopSpeed Cars


How do you place the total sports car? Part Astin Martin, part Jaguar, part Porsche, part Viper, part Ferrari and part Lamborghini — the Pagani is the innovative concept car which became reality.  (This is a lead article about it.)  The only thing to do is to take some glance looks at the other cars influencing the emergence, finally, of concept cars into the luxury sports car market.  (And to continue to make an objective sighting of sports car companies which have made their way into sedan and SUV class over the years and decades.)

A few test drives to get the feel for it with the YouTube experts.

He says it all at the end.  Just watching creates such finality at the end.  So let’s not quit.

Someone always has to be out in primordial Earth driving at top speed, otherwise, the Earth quits turning.  Is that true?  Why would you care if you could?  But let’s just fly off for a minute and explore the concept car world as it happens to be real; not a difficult assignment with all the tech here to enjoy.  As we can easily see, the Pagani design is the definitive influence of the future of concept cars and their realization.

And the idea that luxury sports cars in race car class can become an everyday reality to us, continues to become a realizable goal with the improvement of concept car tech.

Okay, so a few concept cars to hold on to and then a quick documentary on Pagani’s colleague in speed & concept, the Bugatti Ciron.

Well and lastly, I just can’t help mentioning that concept car tech is very necessary to keeping your technical edge head above water in luxury sports car markets.  I guess that’s right.  Anyway, I hope to list a few more reality concept cars on the page below, or else (if it doesn’t load well; unfortunately, I am not on a wordpress business plan), continuing on another “Articles” page.  You know?  We might consider this the “Auto” page.  But that’s still a concept.  Anyway, archeologists might have to get to work in a fast expensive car, right?  They work out in the remotest and most dangerous areas.  So auto pages like this would have to be very relevant.